Nuby Digital Thermometer – Accurate Oral, Underarm & Rectal Use Thermometer with Hygienic Cover


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This digital thermometer measures your child’s temperature easily and with clinical accuracy in 60 seconds. It can be used for oral, rectal, or under the arm readings. There is a tone signal to let you know when the temperature has reached its highest point, and the large digital numbers make it easy to read. A protective cover helps to avoid spreading of germs!

  • Oral, underarm & rectal use: Easily and accurately measure your child’s temperature- oral 60 seconds, underarm 2-4 minutes, rectal 60 seconds.
  • Tone indicator & Easy to read: tone indicator signals when the measurement is complete and large digital numbers are easy to read.
  • Hygienic cover & Easy to clean: hygienic cover keeps thermometer clean when not in use and the waterproof tip allows thermometer to be easily cleaned.
  • Portable: ideal for use at home or when travelling
  • 0 months + BPA free

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