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Baby Banana

Baby Banana Toothbrush

Baby Banana Toothbrush

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About the Grape Smoothie Soother: Baby Banana's Smoothie Soother Teething Toys are an adorable way to keep your curious little one busy and happy through the teething phase and beyond. Made of 100% silicone, the soother has a hollow middle making it easy for babies to hold and allowing parents to use their finger to assist in teething. A variety of fun textures and shapes make it easy to hold and maneuver and provide more teething opportunities. The hygienic case is included to keep the toy clean and ready for use for your child. Easy cleaning in the dishwasher. Use to soothe sore gums by putting the toy in the freezer before use.About Baby Banana: Baby Banana has worked long and hard to create a safe toothbrush for babies and children. These soft and flexible toothbrushes and teethers have been sold all over, keeping millions of little mouths safe while helping them to learn good oral care habits early on. As the company has grown, Baby Banana has remained a family business that is constantly working to carry on the vision of creating safe, soft, flexible, and fun products for kids.

  • HYGIENIC CASE - A hygienic case is included, making it easy to bring along and keep clean before use. The case is clear and perfectly fits the teething toy inside.
  • SQUISHY FEEL - With a hollow center, this toy can be squished and squeezed with all the might of your babies. This makes it great for chewing on while a newborn baby or toddler is teething.
  • SOOTHING TEXTURE - The various shapes and textures along the toy help keep curious mouths occupied. The handle makes the toy easy to grasp so little hands can control it with ease. Try using it cold!
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Because these teethers are made of silicone, they are dishwasher safe, making them super easy to clean! To help with a sore gum or mouth, these toys can be placed in the freezer before use. The frozen teether helps ease the pain.
  • AGES 0 TO 36 MONTHS - Great for babies and infants, this toy works great for children ranging from 3, 6, and 12 months up to 36-month-old children. Both boy and girl babies can enjoy the company of these Smoothie Soothers as they develop and grow.
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