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Nuby 360 2 Handle Comfort Cup

Nuby 360 2 Handle Comfort Cup

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Suitable for babies 3 months and upwards. A Soft Flex Silicone Spout. Pressure-sensitive TOUCH-FLO No-Spill silicone spout technology A 360 Degree weighted straw that follows the liquid allowing your little one to drink in any position, including upright Easy Grip handles uniquely designed and sized for tiny hands. Few cup parts to make assembly and cleaning as simple and easy as possible. COLORS MAY VARY. YOU WILL RECEIVE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING COLORS: PINK FLOWER, PURPLE OWL, OR GREEN GIRAFFE

  • Nuby’s Comfort 360 Plus Trainer Cup holds up to 9oz/270ml of liquid. Its No-Spill design is ideal for spill-prone little ones and beginner self-feeders.
  • The Comfort 360 Plus Trainer Cup has a soft silicone spout with a pressure-sensitive Touch-Flo valve. The valve opens when your child drinks from the cup. When sucking action stops, the valve closes, preventing dribbles and spills.
  • The 360 weighted straw tilts with the cup, following the liquid inside. It allows your little one to drink to the last drop in whatever position they prefer.
  • The Comfort 360 Plus Trainer Cup is designed to fit comfortably in little hands. Its two-handle design makes gripping easier while children’s hand strength and coordination grows and improves.
  • Parents will love this cup because it is easy to clean! The Comfort 360 Plus Trainer Cup is top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • Nuby uses BPA-free materials with your child’s health in mind. This cup is intended for children aged 4 months and older.
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