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Nuby Build a Buddy- Plush Ring Stacker

Nuby Build a Buddy- Plush Ring Stacker

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For children, playtime and learning are the same. That's why it is important for toys to be interactive and spark children's thought processes and imagination. Build-a-buddy plush is a great way to start building cognitive skills-literally! Build-a-buddy is a soft plush consisting of 5 different parts your little one can put together to build themselves a snuggly friend. Each section of the Build-a-Buddy plush is a different fabric, giving little hands new sensations to explore. The multiple textures encourage baby's tactile development while the process of stacking and building each buddy develops fine motor skills. The vibrant colors and patterns draw little one's eyes, promoting visual perception. Build-a-buddy plush heads have an inner crinkle fabric, and their tails have built-in squeakers to engage children's sense of hearing. All Build-a-Buddy plush have built-in teether feet, so gum relief is an easy, stackable (or un-stackable) reach away. With this toy, your little one will have tons of fun building their new best friend, all while developing important cognitive and tactile skills.

  • Build-A-Buddy plush helps children develop important motor skills. While building their buddy, they practice hand-eye coordination and improve depth perception.
  • Build-A-Buddy plush have inner crinkle fabric and built-in squeakers to engage hearing. The fun sounds encourage little ones to squeeze the plush, building tactile perception.
  • Bright colors and patterns capture your baby’s eye, engaging their sense of sight. The colors grab and keep your baby’s interest.
  • Each Build-A-Buddy plush features multiple textures to promote tactile development. The varied fabric surfaces allow little ones to explore and learn different soft textures.
  • The hardness of the teethers contrasts with the soft plush, giving your child even more to explore as they develop their sense of touch. Grooves on the teethers stimulate gums during teething.
  • The teethers are built-in, putting them within easy reach for babies to chew on and soothe their gums. The attached teethers are made of TPR and are BPA free.
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