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Nuby Shampoo Rinse Cup

Nuby Shampoo Rinse Cup

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The Tear-Free Rinse Pail is another great Nûby product designed to make bath time easier and more enjoyable for you and your little one. It features a comfortable grip for mom, a deep, slender base for easy filling in shallow water and a unique tear-free edge. The tear-free edge is soft and contoured so it can be gently placed against your baby's skin to help prevent water from running into your baby's eyes while rinsing their hair. A Must Have for All Parents.

  • Tear-Free comfort edge helps make rinsing shampoo out of baby's hair a breeze
  • Soft flexible edge secures against your child's head so water is diverted away from their eyes
  • Comfortable handle offers great control while pouring
  • 6 Months + / BPA Free
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