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Nuby Stay-Dry Disposable Breast Pads, Honeycomb, Ultra-Thin

Nuby Stay-Dry Disposable Breast Pads, Honeycomb, Ultra-Thin

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Nuby’s Ultra-Thin, Stay-Dry Nursing Pads provide comfortable protection while also being discreet. The nursing pads are individually wrapped for hygiene and travel convenience because Nuby understands that confidence when you’re doing day to day activities is an essential feeling for moms on the go. Created ultra-thin with super absorbency, a contoured design, and nonslip tape, the nursing pads stay securely in place, keeping you dry and ready to take on the world.

  • Nuby’s Stay-Dry Nursing Pads offer premium protection! Extra absorbent layers and soft cotton lining keep you feeling dry and fresh.
  • Embrace the benefits of breastfeeding without feeling anxious about leaving the house. With an outer protective cover that helps prevent leakage, spotting and stains are no longer a concern.
  • Maintaining the health of your skin is so important when breastfeeding. The honeycomb design of the nursing pads promotes faster absorbency to help keep skin dry and healthy.
  • Stays put so you stay worry free. Nuby’s Stay-Dry Nursing Pads have nonslip tape to keep everything where it needs to be.
  • Made to be comfortable and invisible under clothes. The ultra-thin, contoured shape conforms to breasts, providing discretion and leaving you feeling confident.
  • Always be prepared when out and about! The Stay-Dry Nursing Pads come with 60 individually wrapped nursing pads for convenience on-the-go.
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